Should I really outsource my claims processing?

This is the most common question faced by executives of claims processing companies in USA. Well, there are so many schools of thoughts to this and numerous answers.

Everyone has their own ideas & opinions on outsourcing. Here are four reasons that, we believe is a compelling proposition that you will find hard to ignore.

  • Reduce your costs by 60% and more
  • Expand your business with minimal risk & investment
  • Provide better service levels & better customer experience to your clients
  • Instantly ramp-up and out-smart your competition

We from Integra provide high quality claims processing, administration and back-office services for US companies from our offshore operations center in India. We serve many insurance, accounting, and financial companies in USA. We manage the entire claims cycle from the application stage, validation check, calculations, and administration until managing claims for future business use. We provide necessary technical support and transition knowledge from our local USA office.

Our claims process outsourcing services include

Some of the advantages you get by using our service

  • Just $5.95/hr for a fully trained claims processing executive
  • Local USA support, FREE consultancy and training
  • Years of experience with claims outsourcing projects
  • Quickly grow and out-think your competition

These are just a small list of benefits that you get by using our services. Our clients enjoy much more than this. We don´t just act as your offshore back office provider; we keep track of all advancement in the technology/trends and offer you, the much needed consultancy and support that will help you stay ahead of all your competitors.

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