Our rates

  Full Time Staff(160hrs)
Processing / Auditing staff $5.95/hr
Team Leader $6.95/Hr
Legal Staff $6.95/Hr
Quality Assurance/ Manager $7.95/Hr
Training period FREE 
Support (chat/email/phone) Unlimited
Other Overheads NONE

How much you save?

In-house Staff
You save
Claims Processor / Auditing $2250/month $952/month 58%
Team Leader $3000/month $1040/month 65%
Legal Staff $3500/month $1040/month 70%
QA/Manager $3750/month $1272/month 67%
Overheads 20-30% of Salary None 100%

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"These guys are good, ramp up to speed quickly, pleasant to work with. Highly recommended."

-- Claims Management Company.


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