Legal Outsourcing Services

Integra offers global legal & claims companies, cost effective legal outsourcing services. Using our services, you can save approximately 60% of your costs and build a platform to quickly grow your business. We can handle all your routine processing tasks and allow you the freedom to focus more on your clients.

List of our services

Document management
  • Sorting of documents
  • Indexing to make them  easily retrievable
  • Legal coding
  • Document review

Contract preparation

  • Preparation of contracts & agreements
  • Lease deeds, commercial contracts

Secretarial services

  • Assist attorneys in Preparation of briefs and pleadings, depositions & trial summaries
  • Follow-up & general correspondence with clients, replies, court officers or any other agencies
  • On-line filing & tracking of cases

Legal research

  • Legal research from databases & other sources
  • Litigation & non litigation research
  • Case laws research
  • Analysis of relevant issues

Legal Opinions

  • Legal opinions on commercial litigations, real estate, insurance, accident & injury
  • Other legal advice based on requirements with precedence, if any

Outsourcing routine legal tasks, will work wonderfully well and we have the right experience and local presence to help you throughout. Our service will help you to build a platform ensuring rapid growth of your business while reducing the costs.

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