Who can use our legal outsourcing services?

Our services are useful for legal and related firms based in USA and UK. You can use our cost-effective outsourcing services to compliment your existing functions.

Our services will be useful for

  • Law firms
  • Corporate legal departments
  • Title agencies
  • Legal transcription companies
  • Legal research firms
  • Document management companies

Our Team

We offer high-quality legal outsourcing services from our off-shore operations center in India. Our team consists of experienced solicitors, lawyers, paralegal and secretarial staff. Our management is headed by a senior attorney with several years legal outsourcing experience.
Data security and informational accuracy are of utmost importance to us and we ensure you always receive services of highest standard. Our expertise is combining our legal, accounting and IT knowledge and offer you the customised outsourcing services.
  • High quality legal staff at affordable prices
  • Build your exclusive 24/7 off-shore team

Your advantages

Cost effective services

Litigation is increasingly becoming expensive.  Foremost reason for outsourcing is cost effectiveness. Comparatively speaking, Indian lawyers charge only a fraction of what their US, UK & Australian counterparts charge. Legal education is conducted in English and so India produces close to 100,000 lawyers per year on an average who can efficiently, effectively correspond in English. Our rates are very competitive that you will find hard to ignore.

Time management

It is quite challenging to take control of every thing like responding to clients, attending courts and preparing to face the opposing counsel. To be effective and efficient in managing litigation is time consuming.  In any legal practice, whether it's a large or small firm, there is quite a bit of overhead required in document preparation. Regardless of practice area, law firms must code, prepare and index a variety of documents. In today’s world, litigation is an important facet of business requiring quality legal transcription. Several aspects in day to day life complicate the practice of law.


The major advantage in outsourcing is our turn around time. You can set up a 24/7 support services and we do all the research and preparation work and get the required information ready for you in the morning. We have a large team of good lawyers which you can use for much of your repetitive and time-consuming processes. You can concentrate more on the important client facing and income generating tasks.


We can adapt to any of your requirements and customize our services to suit your unique needs. With our strong IT team we can immediately use technology, build necessary systems to support the litigation outsourcing services. Our association with large legal fraternity guarantees talented skilled manpower and ability to adapt.

Legal outsourcing is equipped to handle all kinds of legal services like preparation of pleadings, depositions, transcription and all types documentation. Thus, our clients can concentrate on providing their customers with sound legal counsel devoting their full attention to develop relationships with clients.

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